Halloween photos by Stuart Beard Photography

This year I’ve actually gotten around to doing something about Halloween photos, I’ve been meaning to for several years, but this year the venue is booked, the flyers are printed and the school’s are on board… It’s not going to make a fortune, i’m doing it very cheaply more for the fun than the money… and Im looking forward to getting the support of my daughter in the logistics on the day, I’m loving us working together :)

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She'll be missed! by Stuart Beard Photography

A wonderful exuberant uplifting personality... 

A few photos from Emma's last day at Gymboree... She's been there from the start and touched many children's lives, and the appreciation was very much in evidence today


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The perfect Norfolk Wedding by Stuart Beard Photography

What a blast!

The wedding of Sarah and Steve was such a joyful affair. The wedding itself, the personal readings, wonderful location, and then the wonderful walk through the city to the Waffle House, the fabulous atmosphere during the wedding meal... and then two weeks later a perfect and idyllic reception, wonderful location on the Broads, so many tiny thoughtful details, home made decorations, home grown food, heartfelt and hilarious speeches, great company and a band impossible not to dance to!

Perfect Norfolk Wedding

That was fun! by Stuart Beard Photography

Two families in for photoshoots today, lovely children, a boisterous toddler, an inquisitive baby... always fun interacting, plus having grown-conversations with the parents at the same time.


Makes up for the start of the day where Bailey's walk around UEA Broad included a particularly smelly rolling session (possibly involving a dead fox) and an unprovoked sting from a particularly mean wasp, right on my face :(  


So an extra shower for me and the dog, and a slightly swollen face all day


The joy of writing... by Stuart Beard Photography

For about six months now every evening I have been getting the urge to write... physically write, with my favourite fountain pen. This has lead me to cultivate old friendships and develop new ones, including two new pen pals in Eastern Europe. I love the motion of writing, and watching the ink across a new page, and also the addressing of an envelope and the physical act of sending a card or letter on its way. It has been the subject of multiple photographs as I combine my interests, but today as I got this urge (pausing the Handmaid's Tale to indulge it, very late to that party) I thought I'd have a go at putting my thoughts into blog form instead (very late to that party too!) ... So here it is, almost contentless ramble, after a full day of 20,000 steps, Head Out Not Home fun, a little marketing, a little networking, some relationship building and a touch of shopping